When’s the last time you assessed the health of your health risk assessment strategy?

See how smart your HRA engagement is by using our new online evaluation tool, based on what we know works.

Health risk assessment (HRA) outreach can be a powerful way to gain valuable information from the populations you serve—whether it’s a compliance requirement or not. When done well, HRAs can capture timely, actionable data that not only identifies health risks before they escalate, but also pinpoints care obstacles and uncovers important trends.

The challenge, though, is that achieving a high HRA completion rate and a significant return on investment can be a struggle. That lack of success can be attributed to a multitude of factors, including strategies that are missing personalization, relevance and choice, or that may be incomplete or based on out-of-date best practices.

To help you better understand—and ultimately improve—your HRA engagement strategy, we’ve developed an online assessment tool, rooted in our proprietary Intelligent Engagement methodology. The methodology is based on working with 100+ health plans, providers, health systems and Fortune 500 organizations, including more than 75 of the leading Medicare, Medicaid and commercial health plans in the nation.

The questionnaire takes about 2 minutes to complete. Your score will let you know where you stand, provide a few insights and provide a great starting point for progress.

After all, if you’re spending the time and budget on an HRA process, it makes sense to ensure your approach is the best it can be.

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