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Free Telehealth for Members and Streamlined Processes Will Deliver a Turning Point for Telehealth


Think about it: Nearly anyone with a smartphone (that’s 80 percent of Americans) can now access around-the-clock, on-demand, non-urgent virtual care.

So why isn’t telehealth living up to its promise of ER and urgent care diversion, substantial cost-savings and better care?

In a recent interview with AHIP’s SmartBrief, Carenet Health CEO John Erwin outlined the path forward, including:

  • The role health plans can plan in helping consumers transform their virtual behavior
  • How streamlining and improving consumer-centric processes can change the way telehealth is accessed
  • The significance of meeting telehealth patients at the right time, with the right resources, for their specific care needs
  • And most importantly, how removing the member copay as a financial barrier to utilization is paramount

Read the complete interview here.

You can also continue the conversation with John—including how to make free telehealth for members work for your plan—by scheduling a quick call.

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