Member Story | Deon and Joan

From worrying about medications to hugging her grand babies

A health plan client’s member (Joan*) contacted Carenet’s Strategic Engagement Advocate Deon for assistance with crippling prescription costs.

Joan was really struggling to pay for her two diabetes medications, which cost $75 each per month. Unable to find a lower-cost generic equivalent or alternative medication for the member, Deon called the drug manufacturers directly to explore other possible options. She discovered that both manufacturers offered a discount program and was able to obtain the medications for the member for only $25 a month for each prescription.

Deon shared the discount information and registration instructions with Joan, who assured Deon that her daughter could help her sign up.

In a follow-up call, Deon learned that Joan’s daughter hadn’t been able to complete the registrations, so Deon went the extra mile and offered to help the member with the registration process. Together, they contacted the manufacturers and enrolled the member in the discount programs.

The discounts will bring $1,200 in savings for Joan over the next year! In addition, one of the manufacturers sent the member a large sample of another product she needed to help her control her diabetes.

Not only did the member thank Deon profusely, she shared that she’ll now be able to afford to take a trip to see her new twin grand babies instead of worrying about how to pay for her critical medication.

* Member’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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