Healthcare Engagement Lab Created for Client’s Rapid Optimization Needs

healthcare engagement lab carenet case study

Successful healthcare engagement can be a moving target. That’s why rapid testing and optimization of channels, messaging and other factors is so important.

But having the infrastructure and resources to perform that kind of continuous, short-term outreach work in a cost-effective way is rare.

That was the challenge a Carenet Health client faced when they approached us with the need for a low-risk way to quickly experiment with engagement ideas before committing to large-scale deployments.

The request led to the development of a custom engagement lab concept that now:

  • Tests and refines the client’s innovative strategies
  • Proves or disproves hypotheses
  • Expedites speed-to-market for new initiatives
  • Delivers consumer engagement insights  that inform other efforts

To learn the details, including the lab’s infrastructure, sample areas of testing and achievements after one year, download our case study, Engagement Lab Delivers on the Need to Get Even Smarter, Faster, by completing the form below.

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