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From fear to confidence for a new mom

From fear to confidence for a new mom

A member (Vanessa*) from one of Carenet’s health plan clients contacted her health plan’s Virtual Clinic line. She needed assistance with her baby’s persistent fever.

Vanessa, a nervous new mom reached out to her health plan’s Virtual Clinic line for guidance when her 14 month old baby girl had a fever for two days, along with a stuffed up nose and cough.

Vanessa shared with the Carenet Care Advisor (Susan, an RN) that she was considering taking the baby to the emergency room, but noticed the Virtual Clinic line on the back of her benefits card. She decided to call first due to the late hour.

Nearly in tears with worry, Vanessa explained how on the previous day, the baby’s temperature was steady at 100° after she gave her infant’s Tylenol. Now, the baby’s temperature had gone back up to 102°. As a new mom, she felt extremely nervous and uncertain as to what to do next. Her first instinct was to head to the ER.

As soon as Susan heard this background information from Vanessa, she nurse assured her that she had made the right choice by calling the Virtual Clinic first. Susan then let her know she would quickly go through a short list of triage questions to better understand and assess the baby’s situation. Being a mom herself, Susan knew how important it was to calm Vanessa while getting the information she needed in order to make the right recommendations for the baby.

After completing the triage utilizing her guidelines, Susan recommended home care for the baby and shared the details on those symptoms that would warrant a call back (such as an earache or worsening symptoms).

Vanessa was very relieved to hear she didn’t have to head out to the ER. She had many new questions for Susan about how to provide the proper care for her baby at home. She asked Susan for natural cough suppression methods in order to avoid giving her baby anything ‘too harsh’. She also wanted to know how to remove mucus from the baby’s nose since she was too little to blow it out properly.

Susan carefully talked Vanessa through commonly recommended natural cough suppressant methods including the ingredient list and amounts of each ingredient appropriate for a 14 month old. She then explained the process for suctioning the baby’s nose to clear out mucus and help reduce related symptoms. Susan then verified the dosage of Tylenol that Vanessa had been giving over the past couple of days. When she learned that Vanessa was following the ER’s recommended dosages from a visit a few months back, she explained that dosages change as the baby grows and provided Vanessa with a more appropriate dosage for the baby. She also explained how to find the right dosage to use as the baby grows.

In a post-call survey given a couple of days later, Vanessa was extremely appreciative of all the education that Susan had patiently provided. She really appreciated Susan’s calm instruction as she answered many questions. Vanessa said she could really tell that Susan really cared about her and her baby’s health. She expressed gratitude that Susan went above and beyond and took the time to clearly explain what she needed to do to have the confidence to properly care for her baby at home.

* Member’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.

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