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Our proven solutions support better health decisions. This reduces costs, adds value, drives satisfaction and impacts lives.

Uninformed consumer decision-making leads to crippling unnecessary healthcare costs, critical gaps in care, and other risks, for the consumers and for the companies who bear the cost of care.

Navigating the healthcare system and making sound healthcare choices can be very daunting for even the most experienced consumer of healthcare.

That’s why, on behalf of our healthcare clients, we’re dedicated to providing a trusted resource millions of healthcare consumers count on for reliable guidance, advocacy and navigation support.

Our solutions successfully support and differentiate:

  • Commercial Health Plans

  • Medicare Health Plans

  • Managed Medicaid Plans

  • Exchange Health Plans

  • Provider Systems / Hospital Systems

  • Self-Insured Employer Groups

  • U.S. Military

  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers

  • Other partners such as Population Health and Utilization Management Firms

We do what we do so people can stop worrying about healthcare and do what they love.

Kyle’s dream was to play baseball in college. We got him back to it.

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  • From worrying about medications to hugging her grandbabies

    Deon helped Joan get the diabetes medication she needed, and saved her $1,200 per year. Now, Joan can afford travel to see her new twin grandbabies.

  • From frustration to freedom to travel

    Monica helped Carlos get portable oxygen concentrator that he needed for upcoming travel. Now he can get where he needs to go without worry.

  • From fear to confidence for a new mom

    Susan helped Vanessa avoid the ER, and know what to do for her baby’s persistent fever, stuffed up nose and cough.

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    They help us differentiate ourselves

    "Carenet consistently delivers flexibility and innovation to meet our needs, and truly helps us to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace."

    VP, Strategy, Commercial Health Plan

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