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8 Things to Know About Carenet Health’s Digital Platform


In today’s digital health world, health plan members, providers and payers all deserve seamless communication via the channel of their choice. Carenet Health’s digital platform was created to remove obstacles for all stakeholders around access to care and coordination. Using one-of-a-kind communications and appointment scheduling technology plus a comprehensive network of providers, the digital platform opens the lines of communication with a special emphasis on the patient-provider relationship. Carenet’s platform was developed as a way to enhance our healthcare engagement solutions—giving healthcare consumers personalized, tech-enabled care access in a way that’s as easy as hailing an Uber. To help health plans and providers better understand what our digital platform offers, we put together this brief FAQ.

What is the digital platform? It is a platform that helps health plans connect their members with providers. Health plans can use Carenet’s platform to make appointments, request records, and make other requests from health providers in the United States and Puerto Rico. Its network of over 5.6 million providers includes physicians, dentists, mental and behavioral health providers, optometrists, nurses, home health aides, labs, pharmacies and more.

Why do I need the Carenet digital platform? Carenet’s platform helps health plans provide better care coordination for their members. Health plans can make requests from providers at any time. Because the platform is open access, those who use the platform—patients, providers, or payers—don’t need login credentials or special connections. Easy access ensures continuity of care as well as equitable access to care. When you need a patient or a provider to take action, you need Carenet Health.

Who can use the Carenet digital platform? Anyone can use the platform to make a request, but our solutions are designed for health plans, providers and ancillary service entities to use for communicating with patients and their healthcare providers. They can then close care and risk assessment gaps while improving the relationship between patients, providers and payers. Here are some other reasons payer organizations in particular use Carenet’s platform:

  • They need a cost-effective way to engage with members about care at scale
  • They want automated ways to ensure that members follow care plans
  • They need a way to get information from providers (such as chart pulls, claims information, medical history, network contracts) that do not require a fax or a phone call
  • They want to reduce operational costs; contacting thousands of members or providers by phone gets expensive
  • They want to improve member satisfaction with digital tools
  • They want to reduce outreach abrasion, communication attempts and plan member engagement fatigue
  • They want to meet the demands of healthcare consumerism

What can you do on the Carenet digital platform? The Carenet platform facilitates messages between providers and patients, inspiring them to take action. Here are a few ways our clients use the platform right now, but the options are limitless:

  • Close HEDIS®-related care gaps
  • Schedule appointments
  • Request physician order approvals
  • Facilitate prescriptions
  • Request medical records
  • Any other scheduling-related task

How does the Carenet technology work? The Carenet digital platform uses advanced and patented communications technology. Under the hood, you’ll find the following:

  • Automation and artificial intelligence
  • Asynchronous appointment setting for patients and providers
  • SMS/text, email, fax, portal, live outreach and interactive voice response (IVR) communication options
  • Personalized, proven messaging based on healthcare consumer behavioral science

Is Carenet’s digital platform hard to implement for providers and health plans? The Carenet platform requires no integration, passwords, logins or sign-up. Anyone can access the system with the tap of a button on a computer or smartphone. If a healthcare organization chooses, they can opt to further implement with their internal systems.

Does the Carenet platform offer telemedicine? The Carenet platform does offer a 24/7, on-demand telemedicine network when a patient would like to take that option—especially helpful when a provider hasn’t yet responded to order requests for prescriptions or lab tests.

Who is in the network of providers in the Carenet platform? The Carenet network includes 5.6 million-plus providers from across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, including all primary care physicians and specialists. Other network members include:

  • Major U.S. pharmacies
  • S. mobile phlebotomy providers
  • All major U.S. diagnostic laboratories and high-complexity labs

The network is a non-registered, open-access network—no provider of care or services signs up for it or pays to be included. The Carenet digital platform also includes highly skilled engagement and logistics teams who support the work of the platform.

How do I find out more about using the Carenet’s digital platform? Call our team at 800.809.7000 or send us a note. We’ll help you get started down a modern path to easier care access.