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About Us

For the better.™

At Carenet Health, we believe the day has come for a new kind of healthcare engagement. One that helps consumers, payers, providers—the entire health and wellness ecosystem—replace complexity for understanding. Swap frustration for trust. And ensure that care, support and guidance are closely aligned to what each consumer needs, when they need it.

That’s why, as a 24/7/365 provider of healthcare engagement,
clinical supporttelehealth and advocacy solutions, we’re proud to lead a consumer engagement breakthrough.

By bringing together data, technology, talented team members and unique engagement models, we’re delivering hyper-personalized consumer experiences that meet or exceed those outside of the healthcare industry.

These are connections that have the power to improve care, outcomes, costs—and lives.

This is how we will make healthcare better. We call it: Engaging. For the better.

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Our Vision

Better healthcare for all

A vision statement captures who we want to become – what are we reaching for? What is the aspiration of Carenet?

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Our Mission

Partner with premiere healthcare companies to realize their potential


Ask anyone what makes Carenet Health special, and one phrase will always stand out: our people. We are a company made up of individuals who are motivated to serve others, whether it’s our coworkers, clients, partners or consumers. We believe in valuing each person for who they are and what they bring to the world to make it a better place. We believe in the unstoppable potential of the human spirit and the importance of investing in personal, professional and industry success. Most importantly, we believe in doing the right thing to earn and preserve trust, and to build relationships that last.

Entrepreneurs approach their work in a distinct way, constantly looking for opportunities and innovative ways to tackle challenges. They set goals, move mountains to eliminate barriers and do whatever it takes to get the job done. They’re driven by careful decision-making and a vision of what’s possible. At Carenet Health, each team member is empowered to embrace that entrepreneurial mindset. That’s why we face problems with creativity, and adapt to change swiftly and efficiently. And it’s why we all remain focused on the bottom line and our role in creating enduring value.

Leading an industry requires performance unmatched by your peers. At Carenet Health, it means using data to analyze and know what success looks like, and then meeting the personal and organizational metrics that define it every day. It means supporting all those we serve—healthcare consumers, our clients, partners and each other—with excellence and a best-in-class commitment that surpasses all expectations. Ultimately, when we work together to deliver outstanding results … pursuing better healthcare for all … we elevate everyone around us. That’s when others look to us as the experts. And competitors know we’re the only ones to beat.

years of healthcare contact center and clinical experience
0 +
locations in Texas, Maine and the Philippines
Americans have access to our services
1 in 3
states are served by our teams
of our clients have been with us at least 7 years
0 %
multichannel consumer interactions per day
0 K
of our accreditation and regulatory requirements were met in audits conducted by our clients, 2020
0 %
employees, including 330+ RNs and other licensed healthcare professionals
0 +
nurse triage calls annually
0 M

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“On two separate occasions, Carenet has been one of the core components of a Stars program that I was involved with that jumped an entire Star in a single year. In my experience, there is no member-facing partner that achieves higher results.”

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