High-quality, impact-focused clinical support options.

Best-in-class clinical support that makes an impact. Available 24 hours a day.

Carenet Health offers high-quality, impact-focused clinical support teams that can help your organization improve outcomes and lower costs, while easing the workload of your internal resources.

Our clients leverage our flexible infrastructure—including our best-in-class virtual clinical workforce and bilingual talent, for maximum scalability and on-demand, around-the-clock support.

Whether it’s post-discharge follow-up, meeting the extra clinical demands of flu season or 24/7 chronic care management support—when we interact with consumers, they get the guidance they need, when they need it, to take the necessary action.


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use of evidence-based clinical content by Schmitt-Thompson® and Healthwise®

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Our clinical support solutions include:

  • Health coaching support
  • Decision support/shared decision-making
  • Chronic care management support
  • Condition management support
  • Post-discharge follow-up
  • Client-specific clinical program and population health support
  • Remote patient monitoring

Intelligent Engagement delivers smart clinical support.

Data-driven personalization. Compassion. Top-notch talent. Sophisticated healthcare CRM technology. Demographic-specific engagement training. Proven operational excellence. It’s a best-practice package we call Intelligent Engagement that comes together to influence healthcare consumer decisions and guide individuals to live their healthiest lives.

Smart clinical support at Carenet makes a woman with glasses happy.

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Let’s improve clinical outcomes, costs and lives—together.