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Game-changing consumer experience insights and services. Exclusively for healthcare.

Improving healthcare means improving the healthcare service journey experience, too.

The healthcare industry is always aiming for better—better quality of care, better satisfaction, better bottom lines. But an often-overlooked element of improvement is the healthcare service experience.

Do patients have access to care quickly and conveniently? Do plan members find answers to their benefits questions on their first attempt?

Are the technology, teams and channels you use to communicate with your members and patients working efficiently and cost-effectively?

When you work with the Carenet Health CX Analytics Group, you’ll have the proven experts, methodologies and insights you need to ensure the answers to all of the above are yes.

increase in consumer

reduction in average
service interaction time

reduction in call volume
through better service

reduction in after-
contact work needed by
support team

Want extreme ROI? Start by optimizing the Healthcare Service Journey.

Before you can improve your healthcare consumer service journey experience, you need to identify points of friction. That’s why we offer Healthcare Service Journey Discovery—a healthcare-dedicated analytics and consulting engagement. Applying our unique CX Analytics Group methodologies, we can deliver clear visibility into engagement touchpoints—before, during and after service interactions.

Our approach:

Don’t miss out on the only Healthcare Service Journey analysis of its kind.

Get the data, the story behind the data—and an action plan to optimize your healthcare consumer experience.