Download our infographic for an at-a-glance look at how 24/7 telehealth can be a master key that opens the door to Medicare Advantage Stars improvement. 


The COVID-19 pandemic has fueled telehealth adoption, including in the Medicare population. In fact, at least one study found a 300% increase in seniors using telehealth services during the pandemic this year.

But in addition to providing safe, convenient care for seniors and serving as a cost-saving tool for reducing unnecessary care, on-demand telehealth is one more thing: An overlooked Stars improvement strategy.

In our quick-look infographic, we outline why Medicare Advantage plans should consider (and optimize) 24/7 telehealth as a vital impact point for CMS Star ratings.

Get more details about the connection between Stars and on-demand virtual care, including:

  • Just how far the door is open for seniors’ telehealth utilization
  • The ways telehealth can impact multiple Stars domain categories and measures
  • A sample process flow of Stars improvement in action via telehealth
  • And more

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