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Carenet Rebrands and Embraces Healthcare Consumer Engagement


SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 10, 2019 – Carenet Healthcare Services, a leading provider of healthcare engagement, clinical support, telehealth and advocacy solutions, is undergoing a global rebrand under the name Carenet Health.

The name change comes after several years of record growth and the strengthening conviction that next-generation consumer engagement can be the ultimate difference-maker in moving healthcare forward.

The rise in consumerism, pressures of value-based care, and the need to improve quality and satisfaction measures make it essential for health plans, providers, and other health and wellness organizations to re-evaluate how they engage, said Carenet Health CEO John Erwin. “Our new brand and tagline—Engaging. For the better.—reflects our belief that every consumer interaction, regardless of channel or reason, is an opportunity to influence action, build individual trust and change lives. Collectively, those experiences add up to substantially improved costs and outcomes.”

Carenet Health is hoping to shake up the industry. “We’re not moving fast enough,” Erwin said. “As engagement experts, we’re ready to really step in to lead and support our clients in taking healthcare experiences to unprecedented levels.”

Mick Mazour, Carenet Health president, agreed. “Other industries have mastered putting the consumer experience first,” he said. “It’s past time for healthcare to do the same.”

Carenet Health is considered an engagement learning lab—continually testing and retesting strategies and redefining best practices from its work with more than 100 of the nation’s premier health plans and healthcare organizations. The company’s leadership team includes experts who have guided engagement efforts for brands such as Amazon, Citibank, American Express, AT&T, IBM and others.

Mazour said Carenet Health’s proven approach, called Intelligent Engagement™ is how the company is delivering on its new brand promise. “We combine data, technology, talented engagement and clinical teams, and best practices from inside and outside of healthcare to provide the kind of on-demand, personalized interactions that consumers need to make their best care and wellness decisions,” he said.

Carenet Health teams currently support one in seven Americans. The company has an industry-leading activation rate—on average, 74% of consumers take the desired action after interacting with Carenet Health’s specialized engagement teams.

“We believe when you get engagement right, you get healthcare right,” Erwin said.


About Carenet Health

Carenet Health’s team of healthcare professionals supports more than 50 million healthcare consumers on behalf of 100+ of the nation’s premier health plans, providers, health systems and Fortune 500 organizations. The company’s mission is to drive market-leading consumer engagement outcomes through innovation and a proprietary Intelligent Engagement methodology. Carenet is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, please visit

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