A message from Mick Mazour, Carenet President.

When a disaster like Hurricane Michael strikes, I go to sleep at night knowing our teams are prepared—and honored—to handle just about anything thrown our way, on behalf of the clients who trust us to do just that.

As the hurricane made landfall in Florida on Wednesday, our teams began getting calls for help into one of our client’s nurse advice lines. You see, with vast devastation in the state’s panhandle, Internet access was down and even 911 assistance was unavailable. For some Floridians in the center of a Category 4 storm, dialing their health plan’s 24/7 nurse advice line was a last resort for help. Fortunately, our triage coordinators and nurses were able to remain calm, act quickly and connect callers to help, such as American Red Cross “boots on the ground” in the area.

The fact is that giving hope in times of crisis is why so many of us work for Carenet—whether that crisis is a large-scale natural disaster, a panicked parent with a six-month-old baby with 103-degree fever at 3 a.m., or one person’s daily battle to regain health and wellness.

We are all so thankful for each of our hard-working team members in every department who do the right thing for our clients and their members, who keep our communication channels up and running, who staff our shifts, who report for work even when they may be worried about their own homes and families.

You are real-time difference-makers, and we’re proud of all you do.

Thank you.



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