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Free Healthcare Engagement Audit Worksheet Download


As health plans focus more and more on healthcare engagement and coordinating every member touchpoint (whether inbound or outbound) into one holistic member experience, auditing your current engagement efforts becomes key.

To improve coordination, you have to assess where you are. That should include identifying all engagement programs and their purpose, frequency and channels, as well as gathering how resources and data are shared among programs.

At Carenet Health, we’re dedicated to helping you integrate your initiatives into an enterprise-wide engagement strategy. Click here to download our complimentary engagement audit worksheet to get started.

Once your plan has a thorough understanding of the engagement initiatives in place right now, you can move to considering what should be included in a perfect-world engagement ecosystem. You likely have a world of many touchpoints already, but those may not be the right touchpoints for your enterprise-wide approach. A key step here will be mapping your members’ end-to-end experience journey—when, where, how and why members interact with your plan. You may want to break that journey down into specific member segments, as well. 

For more tips and information on enterprise-wide engagement, we have a trend report available for download. (You don’t have to provide any information to download.)

If you’d like to discuss your plan’s journey to enterprise-wide engagement, please reach out today.