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Improving Member Engagement Starts With Your Welcome Strategy


If you’re looking for just one customer-centric action you can take right now to make a difference for your health plan next year, consider focusing on your January welcome strategy.

Plan your welcome call to establish contact

A successful year starts the year before. One of your goals in third quarter (or earlier) should include outlining your outreach strategy for the next year, starting with the January welcome call for both new and returning members.

Connecting with members following enrollment via a welcome call is essential for making a good first impression, establishing a solid foundation and building rapport.

Then use that member engagement opportunity for health plan education

The welcome call also provides a valuable platform for educating on benefits and preventive care measures, communicating services and resources, assigning a primary care provider, and collecting vital information. A health risk assessment can also be conducted at this time. Information on what telehealth services are available and general guidance on when to use each type of care setting can be especially beneficial for plan performance.

And don’t forget communicating member appreciation

“A timely, well-crafted welcome call helps get members onboard and engaged from the beginning, making it easier to achieve desired actions and outcomes down the road,” says Carenet Chief Client Officer Vikie Spulak. “It’s an invaluable opportunity to thank members for choosing your plan and to reassure them that they made the right decision.”

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