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Raising CAHPS Scores When Teams Are Lean and Budgets Are Tight


Health plans are constantly seeking ways to raise CAHPS satisfaction scores and address any member concerns before they escalate. In a perfect world, plans can orchestrate comprehensive, one-on-one engagement campaigns that monitor member satisfaction and impact CAHPS scores several times a year. But in reality, campaigns aren’t always feasible due to lack of internal resources and already-tight budgets.

That’s the place one Medicare, Medicaid and Healthcare Marketplace plan found itself in when leaders approached Carenet Health for assistance in boosting their CAHPS scores.

Live, in-person engagement is typically recommended for the highest-value survey response rate and experience, but internal teams had no bandwidth to assist and large-scale external outsourcing wasn’t on the financial table for the plan, either. So Carenet experts went to work to find a budget-conscious answer that would still drive substantial results and ROI.

Read the full case study to learn more and see the results.

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