Wellness, care management and other programs are only effective—both in terms of return on investment and results—if program enrollment increases. But that isn’t always easy.

In fact, a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce noted that about 80 percent of the population is not ready to take action to change their health behaviors at any given time.

To tackle the challenge, it’s useful to learn from other organizations that have succeeded in healthcare engagement and program enrollment.

Tripling their investment

One large wellness program provider, in partnership with Carenet Health, created an enrollment initiative that resulted in a net $7.8 million after just 12 months—more than a 3:1 return on their initial investment.

Here are key takeaways from their success story:

Choose an approach that meets changing demands. Company leaders considered many options. For instance, developing an internal program requiring hiring and training dozens of new employees and dealing with market fluctuations wasn’t feasible. Contracting with a temporary agency workforce also wasn’t viable due to the skillset necessary to move the needle. Ultimately, the company turned to Carenet because of its history as a reliable and experienced partner in wellness and chronic care management program enrollment.

Embed a team. The company didn’t simply outsource its enrollment initiative. Carenet integrated its team into the company’s operations and distinct culture, allowing for complete transparency, efficiency and most importantly, a seamless consumer experience.

Adopt the right tools and skills. Carenet’s proprietary Intelligent Engagement™ model ensured that the engagement teams were trained and coached in motivational techniques; building rapport and trust; and addressing cultural and age diversity, wellness and lifestyle sensitivity, and the customer’s level of health literacy.

Ensure continuous improvement. Together, the partners collaborated to set measurable expectations to optimize performance, and recommendations were implemented in an agile way.

Enrollment challenge, solved

By giving that piece of the customer engagement puzzle to a specialized engagement partner, the wellness program provider could devote its time to coaching members through behavioral and lifestyle changes and driving member accountability.

Download the full case study to learn more about how to take your organization’s wellness or chronic care management program enrollment to the next level. 

Case Study: Specialized Wellness Program Enrollment Techniques Deliver Gain of $7.8 Million in One Year