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Health Plan Third-Quarter Tip—Find Out How Happy Your Members Are Before It’s Too Late


If you’re conducting a mid-year review to see if your plan performance is on track to meet strategic goals by the end of year, it’s important not to lose sight of member satisfaction in the sea of other data you’re analyzing.

Fuel for your health plan’s customer-centric efforts

Third quarter is an ideal time to conduct member satisfaction surveys, according to Carenet experts.

“A personalized check-in with members enables Carenet and the plan to identify and remedy issues before they escalate,” says Carenet Chief Client Officer Vikie Spulak. “In addition, customer dissatisfaction can be addressed before members are surveyed by third-party agencies at the top of the year.”

Add benefit reminders to build loyalty before open enrollment

Survey calls can also be used to remind members of their plan benefits and services. And they provide an opportunity to express appreciation and build loyalty just before open enrollment season begins in October.

Ensuring member satisfaction is a critical retention strategy considering that satisfied members are five times more likely than unhappy ones to renew their plan.

“When members feel heard and appreciated, and know their experience truly matters, they’re much more likely to engage with their plan and much less likely to go shopping elsewhere,” says Spulak.

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