Increasing engagement has long been a focus in healthcare. The idea is that if people are more actively involved in their healthcare, better health outcomes will result along with reduced costs.

As a result, payers and providers have optimistically sought strategies to better engage their populations. However, a critical question still needs to be addressed: What needs to happen within the engagement journey to maximize success?

That’s exactly what we’ve covered in this Carenet Health white paper, Beyond Engagement: Strategies for Persuasion and Influence.

Read the white paper to learn:

  • Engagement models that include the six principles of persuasion, such as social validation, scarcity and authority
  • Why it’s critical to include influence and persuasion tools in your engagement strategy
  • How to apply the persuasion principles to activate healthcare consumers
  • The key elements of successful persuasive technology
  • The importance of assessing healthcare consumers’ motivational readiness

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