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No Copay and Streamlined Processes Deliver Telehealth Turning Point


Think about it: Nearly anyone with a smartphone (that’s 80 percent of Americans) can now access around-the-clock, on-demand, non-urgent virtual care.

So why isn’t telehealth living up to its promise of ER and urgent care diversion, substantial cost-savings and better care?

In a recent interview with AHIP’s SmartBrief, Carenet Health CEO John Erwin outlined the path forward, including:

  • The role health plans can plan in helping consumers transform their virtual behavior
  • How streamlining and improving consumer-centric processes can change the way telehealth is accessed
  • The significance of meeting telehealth patients at the right time, with the right resources, for their specific care needs
  • And most importantly, how removing the member copay as a financial barrier to utilization is paramount

Carenet Health is acquiring Health Dialog

uniquely positioning us to transform the business of healthcare by leveraging our expanded insight-driven, personalized consumer engagement and activation platform.