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Unprecedented Times Call for Extraordinary Partnership


As you plan for what’s next, we’re making it simple for you to take advantage of our industry-wide engagement insights and our flexible model of shared support resources.

With an infrastructure that adapts and scales to needs in real time, you can be equipped for extra engagement or telehealth capacity without the expense of building out and supporting additional teams that may sit idle when not needed. 

We’re currently taking reservations to help health plans, health systems and provider networks prepare for the just-in-time, extra capacity that may be needed as the pandemic evolves.

Consider us a cost-effective, optimized safety valve for your organization in areas such as:

With 250+ licensed clinical healthcare professionals and a superior partner network, we can provide around-the-clock nurse triage/nurse advice services, a comprehensive Virtual Clinic and behavioral health crisis support. These critical virtual care services can be a lifeline to individuals and families during the pandemic, whether it’s a 2 a.m. fever or a 1 p.m. question about a rash. We can also help get members/patients signed up for telehealth and set up initial visits. Read more about our telehealth solutions.

We offer high-quality, high-impact clinical support teams available 24/7 that can help you improve outcomes and lower costs, while easing the workload of internal resources. Consider our assistance for health coaching, remote patient monitoring support, inpatient post-discharge follow-up, 24/7 care management and more. We can even help with return-to-work virtual guidance for employees/health plan members. Read more about our clinical support solutions.

Making personal connections with those you serve has perhaps never been more important. We offer one-on-one, empathy-driven interactions that drive proactive care during this trying time. We can motivate and help individuals make telehealth appointments, close their gaps in care, adhere to treatment and medications, enroll in programs and virtual care portals, and more. It’s a simple way to make sure members and patients know where to turn when they have questions, too. Read more about our engagement solutions.

Our trusted advocates can guide individuals through COVID-19 testing, self-monitoring, overall care, plus general claims and benefits needs with personalized, one-on-one support. By offering concierge-level healthcare support, we help reduce stress and allow members/patients to concentrate on improving their health and wellness. Read more about our advocacy and navigation solutions.

With a team of more than 700 highly skilled engagement experts and flexible tech and data integration, we can support your extra staffing needs (inbound and outbound) as a seamless extension of your organization, available 24/7. Our teams are known in the industry for their high performance and quality.

Note: Depending on complexity, some services may require 90 days or more for implementation.

Why partner with Carenet Health?

  • Workforce quality and preparedness: We employ 1,200+ geographically diverse, high-performing clinical and member engagement team members nationwide, and have best-in-class national recruiting standards
  • Industry insights: We work with 250+ of the nation’s premier health plans, health systems and provider organizations and have made a promise to share our learnings across the industry; leverage our expert knowledge about what’s worked and what hasn’t in 2020
  • Operational readiness: We offer tested and refined telehealth protocols; advanced technology; real-time IVR and staffing adjustments; and a 90% work-at-home workforce, with little risk of facility closures due to virus outbreaks
  • Shared resource model: Our approach means you can reserve the engagement resources you need in advance, and leverage them only as you need them. Clients share in these cost-effective resources, which can shift in real time to where demand is most needed

Staff readiness and flexibility are critical. Are you ready to increase care access and guidance when it’s needed most?

Contact us today at 800.809.7000 or complete the form below and we’ll be in touch ASAP.