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Christopher Rogers on ChatGPT in Healthcare – The Promise and the Danger

man using laptop to generate AI

The artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is well underway and its latest phenom, ChatGPT, is taking the technology space by storm. What was once a go-to plot device of science fiction is now reality – people are communicating with machines and machines are responding and doing so with authority. As the world continues to size up the newest chatbot to make the scene, concerns on how ChatGPT might impact healthcare have already garnered significant coverage.

Just as the Dr. Google effect causes countless individuals to use search engines and other e-resources to generate self-diagnoses that can be as dire as they are inaccurate, ChatGPT is expected to play an increasing role over time in providing answers to medical questions. As care providers try to help people differentiate helpful online medical resources from misleading ones, it remains to be seen whether ChatGPT will quell or proliferate cyberchondria. And, at present, ChatGPT is only able to draw upon information that was documented through the end of 2021.

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