Download our trend brief today to learn why health plans are responding to the nation’s behavioral health crisis with a new focus on crisis support.

More than 25% of U.S. adults experience some type of behavioral or mental health disorder in a given year—and that number is rising.

One of the ways healthcare payers are beginning to address the situation is by finding ways to ensure individuals have the same kind of access to specialized urgent help when they’re experiencing a behavioral health crisis as they do when there is a physical health concern.

In our new brief, Health Plans and Behavioral Health: A Shifting Focus to Members in Crisis, we look at the trend and the underlying causes for the change, such as:

  • Value-based care and the impact of behavioral health on overall health outcomes
  • Increased attention to social determinants of health
  • Lawsuits, media coverage and parity concerns

You’ll also find details on:

  • What type of plans are leading the way
  • The role of telehealth
  • What to expect as the trend evolves

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