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11 Bold Predictions for Healthcare Engagement—and Trends That Could Change Everything

2020 predictions for healthcare consumer engagement infographic

Each year, our clients and partners ask us what we think the next year will hold for healthcare consumer engagement. Will telehealth (and telehealth solution providers) finally deliver on the promise? How will digital health and artificial intelligence affect member and patient engagement—and the costs and outcomes associated with them? How will payers and providers work with healthcare engagement solution vendors like Carenet Health differently? What impact will the growing gig economy have on how healthcare in the United States gets done? Will the industry as a whole finally move faster to address the needs of value-based care and healthcare consumerism?

In our Carenet Health 2020 Healthcare Consumer Engagement Forecast, we covered those questions and more. The forecast delivers the why and how of 11 predictions in 11 trend areas—so your organization can be prepared for what’s to come. You can read the full engagement forecast here.

We’ve also prepared an at-a-glance, easy-to-share predictions infographic, including all 11 engagement-world projections and key supporting indicators that help to tell the story.

Worried that you aren’t ready for next year’s changing demands in health plan member engagement or provider-patient engagement?

We can help. Contact us today to talk about your concerns and needs, and we’ll brainstorm the best way to solve for them—whether it’s through our solutions or not.


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