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Our 10 Most-Read Healthcare Engagement Posts of 2020


This year has been a rough road for far too many Americans and far too many in healthcare. The COVID-19 pandemic demanded a lot from all of us. Providers, payers, their partners and healthcare consumers … everyone was forced to pivot in unforeseen ways, including how care was delivered and accessed, and how rapidly evolving information was communicated and received.

A look back over the past 12 months of blog posts on the Carenet Health Resource Center is a study in how subsets of the healthcare industry—those most interested in healthcare consumer engagement—were challenged. It’s also a study in how those challenges were addressed.

Below, we’ve gathered the top-10, most-read blog posts of 2020, covering important topics from the quick rise of telehealth to COVID-19-related outreach to Medicare Advantage Star ratings.

Take a look—and check out the ones you may have missed.