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Top 5 Healthcare Engagement and Telehealth Posts So Far This Year


It was an unprecedented spring and summer in healthcare … and a busy time on the Carenet Health Resource Center. Below, we’ve gathered our top 5 most popular blog posts so far in 2020. Check them out now, in case you missed them when they were first published.

What Telehealth Patients Want You to Know Right Now: A COVID-19 Report

In this popular post, we gathered insights from our team of registered nurses and our organization’s tens of thousands of virtual-care consumer interactions every month to discover what telehealth patients really need the industry to understand.

9 Right-Now Actions Medicare Advantage Plans Can Take to Support Star Ratings

After our Mapping the Stars 2020 event, we took a look at what was on participants’ minds and dissected a list of actions that can make a positive difference for Medicare Advantage plan Star ratings, regardless of COVID-19 uncertainties.

Defining the Different Types of Healthcare Concierge Services

As the importance of healthcare navigation heated up this year, so did the numbers of visitors to this post. The phrases “healthcare concierge services” and “health advocacy” don’t always mean the same thing, and we cleared up the differences.

What Does Health Plan Member Advocacy Look Like in Action?

In another of our hot-topic, concierge-focused blog posts, we explained how health advocacy works and provide two real-world examples of how Carenet Health advocacy teams worked to solve health plan members’ healthcare navigation challenges.

For Sustainable Telehealth Growth, We Need to Talk About Smarter Resource Management

The use of virtual care skyrocketed quickly this year. In the post, we discussed what’s needed to sustain that growth in telehealth: Ensuring a seamless patient experience and keeping costs low with improved (and smarter) resource management.

Not a blog post, but …
coronavirus image

COVID-19 Engagement and Telehealth Resource Center

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. in early 2020, Carenet launched this special information center to provide ongoing telehealth and patient engagement resources. It remains a go-to source as we move into the fall.

Most popular new resource …
state of the stars

Infographic: 2021-23 Stars Changes and Impact Analysis

Our infographic for Medicare Advantage plans detailed changes in the CMS Stars program for 2021 through 2023. Included: Important measures that are returning, and how the relationship between member experience and Star ratings is shifting.