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A Conversation About the Value of Intelligent Engagement in Healthcare


At Carenet Health, we’ve developed a distinct approach to healthcare consumer engagement called Intelligent Engagement.TM It’s a comprehensive method based on our decades of engagement learnings, with a strong foundation in data, technology, talented teams, and best practices from inside and outside of healthcare.

It’s an agile, scalable and multi-channel approach. But it’s not always easy to explain.

We recently captured a conversation about Intelligent Engagement with three of our Carenet experts, who speak to the methodology every day: Steve Harstad, Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, and Vice Presidents David Dreggors and Mark Ureste.

Steve: Discussing Carenet’s Intelligent Engagement is always exciting to me, but it is complex. It’s not like a type of tech platform or one, pre-set dialing strategy; it’s a truly holistic approach made up of 22 finely tuned elements. No one element is more important than any other. It’s the combining of all of those things, in the right way at the right time—a proprietary combination—that is our secret sauce.

Editor’s note: See the 22 elements of Intelligent Engagement here.

David: Right. It’s like peeling an onion, and each layer matters. It’s the combination, the blend of our healthcare expertise, our focus on outcomes and our consumerism DNA. It’s that we measure success every hour of every day. Each factor empowers the next. It’s the sum of all the parts that makes it unique.

Steve: It’s our infrastructure, it’s how we hire, it’s how we train, it’s how we use technology. Inches equal miles. And culture is everything—the atmosphere, support, management and all the way to how we are compensated. Principally, Carenet is set up as a “sales” organization for healthcare. In our facilities, you can feel the energy. It’s an energy that quite frankly is different than traditional contact centers, even those at healthcare organizations. We have a unique ability to blend empathy and listening with results and action.

Mark: I think one of the main points I try to make is that most health plans, for example, have their own internal resources for member engagement. They do what we do, right? Or they have a collection of external partners that do parts of what we do. But we’ve found a way to pull it all together into an approach that’s special. And that approach will historically improve what plans are doing by at least 15% and often substantially more.

David: The amount of improvement will depend on a lot of variables, such as data hygiene, but you can count on at least a 15% to 20% increase. That’s what Intelligent Engagement does.

Steve: The average tenure of our clients speaks to that, too. Most have been with us nearly 10 years.

Mark: They know that our method can move the needle.

Steve: Our point of reference isn’t that we’re going to get you a 99% reach rate. No, we’re going to improve what you’re doing and the value you’re getting from consumer engagement. And then refine it and improve it again.

Editor’s note: Read more about optimization here.

Mark: What we are trying to solve for is bigger than a metric. Yes, our metrics are good; our case studies are impressive. But ultimately, clients hire us to support revenue generation, cost-savings and improving the consumer experience. A lot of stars have to align to make that happen with engagement, and we know how to do that.

David: It inspires confidence. We have all of the parts in place. They’ve been tested and they are continually improved.

Steve: We touch about 70,000 consumers a day. We learn what works and what doesn’t, and apply that to all of our engagement strategies.

Mark: I do think it’s rare in our business to really understand the bigger picture while staying hyper-focused on implementing and optimizing the details. Most can do one or the other really well, but not both.

Steve: That’s a good point. Intelligent Engagement is what allows us to achieve that often-elusive balance. Plus, it’s an approach that pinpoints just the right tools for engagement success without—and this is critical—member abrasion and fatigue.

David: When we have the opportunity to apply all of our best practices, we’re unstoppable.

Steve: And the end result of those best practices is what we offer that others can’t. Ultimately, we seek out opportunities that involve long-term relationships with our clients and significant ROI projections. At Carenet, Intelligent Engagement equals outcomes that enable growth.

If you’d like to continue the conversation or learn more information about Intelligent Engagement and how it could help your healthcare organization, please reach out.

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