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Combining Access Points With Telehealth Services Streamlines Scheduling for Providers and Patients

On-demand remote technology

The delivery of healthcare services remotely through technology has had a significant impact on patient scheduling and overall access to healthcare services by increasing convenience, reducing wait times, and improving efficiency. Combining access points like online scheduling, automated messages/reminders with your telehealth services and nurse advice lines streamlines the process for both provider and patients.

Accordingly, healthcare organizations acknowledge the need for hybrid care models and the transformative potential they possess. However, operationalizing hybrid care models across expansive health networks and workforces is incredibly difficult. Carenet Health can provide guidance to health systems on best practices for implementing a virtual healthcare strategy.

90% of patient engagement survey respondents rated their telehealth experience over the previous year as either good or excellent

As we experience another surge of COVID cases and head into the flu season, healthcare providers must implement the right technology to enhance patient care, improve communication, streamline operations, and adapt to the unique challenges presented by a public health crisis.

on-demand telehealth/telemedicine services can unlock better Medicare Advantage STARS ratings?

The Evolution of Telehealth and its Continued Proliferation in Healthcare

Telehealth rapidly evolved into a critical medical resource during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as an alternative to in-person appointments to mitigate disease transmission. Although telehealth solutions have continued to proliferate in healthcare since that time, the initial rush to support virtual visits during the pandemic led many health systems and providers to deploy it in a largely ad hoc manner. Post-pandemic, many patients show a preference towards providers that offer telehealth and patient portals. To attract and retain patients, healthcare providers must implement telehealth and other consumer-centric offerings.

With years of prior experience and practical knowledge of telehealth solutions, Carenet’s partnerships with organizations to implement telehealth services increased dramatically during the pandemic. Carenet played a pivotal role in assisting providers to swiftly adopt telehealth technology and making it an integral part of their overall practice.

Hybrid Models can Boost Staff Productivity and Improve the Patient Experience

By combining the best aspects of in-person and virtual care, hybrid care models can streamline appointment scheduling for patients and providers, improve the patient experience, and drive better health outcomes. Coupled with in-person visits, telehealth solutions for appointments such as chronic care check-ins, post-discharge surgery follow-up, or first-time patient appointments, hybrid care models can boost clinical staff productivity and improve the overall patient experience.

Carenet can work with health systems and every type of provider to ensure a seamless integration with platforms like Zoom or WebEx, making it possible for patients to simply click a link to start their appointment. By removing friction from the process for both patients and providers, Carenet delivers telehealth solutions that are an integral part of an existing system and not a separate or add-on remedy.

54% of patient engagement survey respondents said they would use a provider’s online scheduling tool if the experience of using it was easier

Carenet’s Industry Research Identifies Consumer Telehealth Trends

Carenet is uniquely suited to leverage its expertise on the impact that hybrid healthcare models have on patients, providers, payers, and the industry as a whole. Our award-winning research and studies that report on telehealth behavior and trend data include the 2022 U.S. Consumer Trends In Patient Engagement Survey, and the 2023 Consumer Health Insurance Report. Based on surveys involving demographically diverse healthcare consumers, Carenet’s regularly published research provides in-depth analysis of respondents’ preferences related to topics such as using technology in healthcare, communicating with providers and payers, and improving patient telehealth experiences.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your team with our exceptional provider and payer solutions that simplify and modernize the patient and member experience. Or, download our brief to learn more about the benefits of telehealth and the future of telehealth services.