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Top Reads So Far This Year in Healthcare Engagement


Miss any of these popular posts? Here’s a quick look at the top 10 reads on the Carenet Health blog during the first half of the year.

Healthcare Appointment Scheduling: What to Look for When You Outsource

Outsourcing HEDIS-related (and other) appointment scheduling can be a smart move. This post explores how to find the right partner by asking the right questions in your RFP. (Read more about the decision to outsource here.)

Gap-Closing Strategies for Medicare Plans: Today’s Tips from the Field

Stacie Stoner, Carenet Health’s VP of Client Success, discusses what’s new in helping Medicare plans close HEDIS gaps—and what proven strategies can still work, with a few updates. (Download more detailed information here.)

Nurse Triage Partnership Helps Scripps Health Deliver Best-in-Class Patient Experience

Read about how one of the top health systems in the nation met their region’s diverse population’s need for 24/7 around-the-clock care and treatment information with a range of nurse-based telehealth solutions.

Future-Proofing Health Plans: Will Legacy Workforce Strategies Survive?

Organizational resilience and changing workforce strategies are a hot topic in health plan C-suites right now. Carenet Health CEO John Erwin weighs in.

Data Shows Value of Telehealth Triage and Impact of Pandemic on Consumer Behavior

A collection of interesting data points that tell the story of 2020 in terms of on-demand nurse triage utilization, telehealth patient behavior and more.

Advocacy Programs Are In, But How Do You Find the Right-Fit Member Services Partner?

Health advocacy programs are increasingly valuable to health plans, risk-based providers and employers, but finding a best-fit partner requires a solid strategy.

One-Stop Behavioral Health Crisis Support Delivers 95% ED Diversion

Read about the path one health plan took to redefine behavioral health crisis support and stabilize mental health crisis situations—doing more to help members in need while reducing costs.

Eight Ways to Optimize Patient Engagement to Address Social Determinants of Health

A brief look at several successful patient engagement strategies that can help healthcare organizations increase their ability to address those all-important social determinants of health.

In Sickness and Health: The Necessary Marriage of Engagement and COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Vikie Spulak, Carenet Health Chief Client Officer, discusses the role of consumer engagement in successful, large-scale vaccination strategies.

A Guaranteed Way to Achieve More Effective Network Steerage

The story of how to help more health plan members find the highest-quality, in-network care at the right time to make an impact on costs.

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