Has telehealth reached a critical turning point—including a no copay model?

Learn more by reading this recent AHIP Solutions Executive SmartBrief.

In this SmartBrief Executive Q/A, Carenet CEO John Erwin discusses:

  • Ways to take telehealth to the next level of cost-savings, customer experience and competitive edge
  • What a more consumer-centric model of telehealth would look like
  • How the concept of providing free 24/7 telehealth to plan members is doable right now—and why it could change everything
  • How aggressive process scrutiny is needed for virtual care to deliver on its promise
  • What health plans need to know to better integrate behavioral health into virtual care programs
Cover page of Smart Brief Q&A: No Copays, Better Coordinated Care Could Be a Turning Point for Telehealth
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