Return-on-investment (ROI) success stories are commonplace these days for good reason: They prove strategies work, and that’s particularly important in healthcare right now. That’s why we love this story of remarkable achievement by one of our Carenet Health clients.

On the cusp of specialty lab growth

An independent medical laboratory in the Southeast (client’s name withheld per company policies) was delivering COVID-19 PCR and other routine testing services to providers in their regional area but wanted to grow the business substantially to the nationwide level.

They were especially interested in expanding their leadership role as an ancillary services provider of complex, full-spectrum test panels, including genetic analyses for pharmaceuticals, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

How does an ancillary services provider grow volume?

The lab turned to Carenet Health’s patented digital platform and network to help their company connect to the large audience of patients around the country who are qualified and interested in the genetic tests.

Carenet’s platform offers a simple way  to ensure patients are expeditiously moved from testing need and request to physician order approval to resolution of services and follow-up.

The process, which combines technology, automation, provider and patient engagement, and test kit logistics and handling, not only supports continuity of care and excellent patient experiences, but also helps ensure a stronger relationship between patients and their primary care physicians.

Specifically, Carenet filled the service gap for the regional lab in both upstream and downstream directions, providing a turnkey, HIPAA-certified solution:


  • Experienced telehealth registered nurses ensure requested services are right for patients.
  • The Carenet platform and teams communicate with physicians to request order approvals and schedule necessary telehealth and in-person appointments as needed. The majority of the communications are asynchronous and automated, and always provide detailed information to the provider about the patient’s lab order request—factors provider practices appreciate.
  • Engagement specialists also work with ancillary services clients on logistics and follow-up communications.
  • We even offer telemedicine visits in case a patient’s physician doesn’t respond to an order request.

Results of the partnership

Carenet Health’s OpenMed platform and processes helped the laboratory begin with cardiac genetics testing for patients across the U.S., expanding quickly to nationwide hereditary cancer screening (CGX) and pharmacogenetic testing (PGX).

At the 12-month mark, the lab was generating millions in new revenue from scaled-up order approvals and fulfillments—to the tune of 5:1 ROI.

The program has also achieved a 61% provider response rate and 72% patient completion rate (of orders approved), and 90% of completed lab orders were approved by patients’ primary care physicians through the OpenMed platform. Only 10% move on to telemedicine option. Plus, there were zero marketing compliance issues.



provider response rate


patient completion rate

In addition to the easy-to-use process that includes validation, communications and logistics, there are a few additional elements that made the OpenMed platform the best choice for growing this laboratory’s business.

One highlight is the OpenMed team’s scrutiny of the entire process to ensure compliance. OpenMed also maintains the nation’s largest open-access provider network (over 5.5 million providers).

How can we support your ancillary services organization?

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